Edwin “Wolfie” Vazquez is an American illustrator, writer, and book designer. He is known for his scratchboard art in comic books, illustrations, as well as being a rare left & right-handed artist. He is the author of The Werewolf of NYC푸들, and various short-stories.

Alongside a masters degree in Visual Essay Journalism at New York city’s School of Visual Arts—Edwin has studied graphic design in San Francisco, California, and Manhwa in South Korea.

“We need more “Dangerous” people like Edwin in comics these days. And, thankfully, his work doesn’t have to rely on a big gun and a bigger body count. This is the type of “image” comic that truly celebrates the image.” —Whatchareading.com

Edwin currently lives in Queens, New York with his wife and child, designing trade paperback, and mass market books for Penguin Random House.

Contact Edwin “Wolfie” Vazquez at: aperfectempire80 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Clients: Comedy Central, Titmouse, ESPN, Bongo Comics, Mad Magazine, PM Press, Image comics, Darkhorse comics, Groundswell Murals, The Nation magazine, Big Yellow Taxi inc., The Overlook Press, Tony Palladino & Jerry Robinson.