Amazing Forest TPB & Jim Hanley’s Comic Shop Guest Signing Panel

A modern anthology that lends itself to a time when stories were short and ugly. Written by Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas,

The History of the Hudson River Valley from the Civil War to Modern Times Vol. 2

Cover, jacket layout and jacket typesetting creative direction by Edwin Vazquez. Based on History of the Hudson River Valley f

Fire & Sword Book 3

Cover design and creative direction by Edwin Vazquez of Harry Sidebottom’s epic, published by The Overlook Press.

The Diet Myth

Cover design and creative direction by Edwin Vazquez published by The Overlook Press.  

Freddy the Politician

Reprint cover restoration, creative direction and “Nicholas Kristof” pin design by Edwin Vazquez.  

We Were The Future

Interior typeset design and creative direction by Edwin Vazquez, published by The Overlook Press.

Strange Museum

Jake and Mandy Strange have an unusual life. A year ago, their parents bought the oldest home in town – an abandoned hou

Conversations with McCartney

The intimate portrayal of one of the most famous men in music, more than half of which is in McCartney’s own words. In J

The Exhibitionist

At once a field guide on how to appreciate museums―and the art within its walls―and an ebullient and entertaining memoir,

Heaven’s Bankers

The groundbreaking and globetrotting exploration of the Islamic finance industry, by one of its leading practitioners. Cover r


The second installment of the Odysseus series that chronicles the epic journeys of the classic Greek hero, written by the best

True Grit (Young Reader’s Edition)

The #1 New York Times bestseller with over two million copies in print, now available for a whole new generation of Portis f

The Persian Carpet

Considered a foremost expert on oriental rugs and textiles, A. Cecil Edwards’ comprehensive guide is considered the bo

Diario de Oaxaca Mexico

Sext Piso presents a tourist perspective of an artist, deciding to take a yearlong sabbatical from the United States with 

Hooked on Phonics – Reading Pro

If your child loves Endless Alphabet but isn’t quite ready for Endless Reader and Reading Rainbow, Hooked on Phonics Rea

Inside Art Direction

I recently contributed to Inside Art Direction, order your copy now: For many design students, the ex

Amazing Forest #5

Tales for the bold. Ideas for the strange. Ulises Fariñas, Erick Freitas, and a cavalcade of new talents bring to life amaz


Immigration, suburban poverty, and big-box retail converge in this audacious debut novel of a nation coming apart at the seams

What the Luck?

The newest book by the acclaimed author of Standard Deviations takes on luck, and all the mischief the idea of luck can cause